Mindful Messaging
Pony is a messenger that delivers once a day.
  • One daily delivery

    Choose morning, afternoon, or evening. Pony will pick up and deliver at that time.

  • Rise above the noise

    Elevate what matters. Don't let alerts and notifications bury your important conversations.

  • Get creative

    Compose in a rich, modern editor. Express yourself with embedded images, links, and audio files.


Pony is designed to give us the space, time, and structure we need for meaningful communication. Our mission is to elevate your correspondence and to foster deep connections.

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What is Pony?

Pony is a messenger designed for mindful correspondence. You can use it to communicate with other Pony users.

How can I use Pony?

You can install Pony on your iOS or Android device, or log in with your browser.

How does it work?

Pony picks up and delivers messages once a day. You can edit a message until it's picked up, or put it into your drafts if it's not ready:

When does Pony pick up and deliver?

You can choose morning (5:30am), afternoon (12:00pm), or evening (6:30pm):

Are pickup and delivery at the same time?

Yes, incoming messages are delivered and outgoing messages are picked up at the same time.

Why do you ask for my location?

We use your location to deliver at the correct time. You can set your location to anything you want.

Does Pony support group messaging?

Pony supports conversations with up to 10 people.

How does Pony protect my privacy?

We collect and store the minimum amount of data possible. We do not sell or share data with any third parties.


“The rhythm of the day has been broken: the radio, the telephone, the daily newspaper clamor for attention, and amid the host of stimuli to which people are subjected, it becomes more and more difficult to absorb and cope with any one part of the environment, to say nothing of dealing with it as a whole.”

Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization