The Pony Post № 1

By Staff Nov 22, 2021

The Pony Post is distributed to Pony Users first, then reposted here.

Dear Pony Users,

I wanted to send a note recognizing our recent launch on Hacker News. To veteran Pony users, you will see some new names and faces in the contacts. To new users, thanks to everyone who joined the discussion and signed up! Please share your impressions and experiences of Pony on the Discord or let us know how it's going by replying to this note. It would mean a lot.

This will be a rare message from me. I’d like to send periodic updates in a “Pony Post” every two months or so, to give an update on new features and share an occasional story or blog on the subject of mindful correspondence. Of course, Pony values the integrity of your inbox. If you don’t want to receive these notes, please block this account.

Dmitry, creator of Pony

New Features

Here are some updates we’ve made in the last few weeks:

  • Notification by email: A user asked us if they could be notified by email when they received a new message. While mobile app users could enable push notifications, web users had no way of being notified. Now we have added email notifications as well. Web users can enable them by going to "Settings" in Pony and entering the address where they’d like to receive notifications.
  • Mobile undo/redo: Previously, undo and redo functionality was only available in the web browser. Now we've made this feature available to mobile users by adding it to the editor toolbar. Use the left and right arrows to go back and forward in your edit history.
  • Account deletion: Now you can permanently delete your account by going to "Settings" in Pony, tapping the "Delete account" button, and following the instructions.

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