The Pony Post № 2

By Staff Feb 15, 2022

The Pony Post is distributed to Pony Users first, then reposted here.

Hi Pony Friends,

We have a bunch of updates and also some questions for you!

We’ve added an invite feature

Today we are happy to announce that the newest version of Pony, released to the web and app stores last week, includes a brand new invite feature. To use it, go to “Invite” in the main menu. There you’ll find two ways to share Pony with your friends:

  • Share a link – Every Pony user gets a unique link. Whenever someone uses that link to join, they’ll automatically be connected to you right away, no contact request necessary.
  • Email an invitation – Send invites by email to your friends, who will receive a message explaining what Pony is and how to sign up. As with a shared link, anyone who accepts your email invitation will automatically be connected to you.

How to encourage your friends to use Pony

A common question we’ve received is how to get your friends to use Pony. So, we’d like to ask the community: what’s worked for you? Please share your solutions—the more creative the better!—and we’ll include them in the next issue. In my case, now that we have invite links, consider adding your link to your email signature. Here’s how mine looks:

Not urgent? Consider writing to me on Pony.

Upcoming change to our delivery modality

Today we are announcing that on February 26, Pony will switch to a much simpler and more predictable delivery system: one global “drop” for all users, irrespective of your location on earth. We’ve picked 13:00 GMT as that time, when all messages and contact requests will be exchanged. When you’re composing, you will see a countdown to the next drop time. Here’s how this shakes out depending on your location:

  • Los Angeles: 5AM/6AM (depending on daylight savings)
  • New York: 8AM/9AM
  • London: 13:00/14:00
  • Moscow: 16:00
  • Beijing: 21:00
  • Sydney: midnight

Reminder: You can use Pony on your phone AND on your computer!

Web: go to in your web browser and sign in.
iOS: download our app from Apple’s App Store.
Android: download our app from Google’s Play Store.

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